Retrieve a specific job.


These are all the statuses a job can have:

  • pending (initial state) - this job is currently being ‘built’ by the customer and is not yet submitted
  • requested - Customer has requested the job
  • pending_assignment - Our Generate Match Engine is finding the best Courier for the job
  • received - CSRs have received the job
  • assigned - CSRs have assigned the job to a courier
  • queued - operations are queueing and this job has been queued
  • pickup_started - Courier is on their way to the pickup
  • pickup_arrived - Courier has arrived at a pickup
  • items_purchased - Courier has purchased the items and uploaded the receipt
  • drop_started - Courier is on their way to a dropoff
  • drop_arrived - Courier has arrived at a dropoff location
  • cancelled - Job has been cancelled
  • complete - Job has been completed successfully


oauth2 - clientCredentials

Request Parameters

1 Path Parameter


The 200 response.

Send a Test Request

Send requests directly from the browser (CORS must be enabled)
Path Params
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